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Founded on 1st Dec 1984, China Children Film Association is a professional group composed by volunteers who are engaged in the Children’s films. Supervised by the State Administration of Radio, China Children’s Film Association also helps to organize China International Children’s Film Festival.


There are no less than 200 members in the association, which ranges from children films filmmakers, producers, distributors, critics, directors of TV children programs, specialists in children education, and social workers on children. With Ms. Yu Lan, the renowned performing artist, and Ms. Chen Jinti, the dedicated children’s film practitioner, being the Honorary Chairs, China Children’s Film Association has Mr. Hou Keming as its at incumbent President.

The China International Children's Film Festival (CICFF) is organized by the Film Bureau of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT), with the assistance of China Children Film Association. It's held every two years since 1989 and has been held all together ten times in Beijing, Shandong, Zhejiang and other areas successfully in China. The aim of the festival is to enhance the communication and cooperation for children's film in the world. More than 100 excellent films from over fifty countries and areas have been shown to millions of early youth audience in China. By having elementary and middle school students vote for “My Favorite Children’s Film”, thus the youths’ film viewing habit has been improved and the popularization and development for the excellent children’s films promoted.

Regarding the current situation and problems of Chinese children’s films, more than ten seminars on making children’s films have been conducted by China Children’s Film Association.

In order to promote the introduction of excellent children’s films and films for patriotism-teaching to schools, China Children’s Film Association organizes films selection with the help of experts and scholars from the field of education and film and television production in a regular basis. As a result, more than 300 outstanding children’s films have been recommended to the primary and middle school students in the past ten years.

Having successfully organized the Chinese Children’s Film Panorama in a number of countries, the Association has been actively introducing Chinese films to the world, thus enhancing people’s understanding to Chinese children’s films. Besides, it is a valuable opportunity for Chinese children’s films to absorb the maturity of foreign film productions so as to ascend to a higher artistic level.

By gathering various dedicated children experts in fields of education, art, and media within and outside China, the association will strive for the betterment of children films worldwide by creating a platform for international communication.

Advancing towards the world, China Children’ Film Association is looking forward to interact with all the outstanding professionals in the children’s films industry worldwide.


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